Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon do I need to book my tent?

    It is always a good idea to book as soon as you are sure of your date. If you are planning an event during June-July or Sep-Oct is it best to book as soon as possible. (I start booking for those months in January)

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  • When do I pay?

    ½ of your total is due upon signing to reserve your equipment for your date. The remaining ½ is due one week before your event date.

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  • How do I pay?

    You may enclose a check with a copy of your signed contract and mail that to our secure UPS Box. We also accept credit cards

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  • Do you set up the tables and chairs?

    We would be happy to set up your tables and chairs for an additional fee. Please let me know if you are interested in this service when requesting your quote. And remember to have someone available to direct the crew when they arrive as to how exactly you would like the tables and chairs placed.

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  • How do I know what size tent I need?

    Please use the chart below to help you decide how much space you need to best accommodate your wedding, party, or special event.

    Cocktail Parties and Wedding Receptions
    Standing only 8 sq.ft. per person
    Partial seating 10 sq.ft. per person
    Dinner and Banquet Seating
    8' Rectangular tables 12 sq.ft. per person
    60" Round tables 15 sq.ft. per person
    Classroom or Theater Seating
    Chairs in rows 8 sq.ft. per person
    Tables and chairs in rows 10 sq.ft. per person
    Additional Allowances
    Dance floor (per person) 4 sq.ft.
    Bar area (per bar) 100 sq.ft.
    Buffet area (per table) 100 sq.ft.
    Band (per band member) 15 sq.ft.
    DJ 50 sq.ft.
    Head table (per person) 15 sq.ft.
    Speaker/podium area 15 sq.ft.

    Multiply the number of guests by the recommended square footage per person. This will equal the total square footage necessary and give you an idea how large of a tent you need for your party.

    Add the additional allowances for wedding party head tables, buffet areas, bars and/or dance floors. (Be sure to check with the wedding coordinator, decorator, caterer and band or DJ for their specific space requirements.)

    # of Guests x Sq. Ft. per Person + Extras = TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE NEEDED!

    A little extra room for overflow is a good idea. Keep in mind that every wedding and event is different. Each event deserves to be looked at individually so that the exact size of the tent can be determined based on your personal needs and preferences.

    Another important consideration is the amount of space that is available. You need to allow a minimum of 5' of space on each side of your tent. For example, if you have a 40' x 40' space, the largest tent you can use is 30' x 30'.

  • Do you do wedding planning?

    No, we do not offer wedding planning services. We are familiar with many of the area's local photographers, caterers, and wedding planners. Some of our favourites are listed right on our home page. Call them up, tell them I sent ya! I do not, however, have someone available to meet for consultations or to discuss how to design the inside of your tent. If you have chosen to have AAA TENT RENTALS set up your tables and chairs, please, remember to have someone available during set up to instruct the crew as to the exact placement you have chosen for your event.

    Also, below are a couple of the most common layouts. These are for a 40x40 with 96 guests, 40x60 with 144 guests, and a 40x80 tent with 208 guests. These are the sizes most often recommend. You can even print them out and cut them up so that you may move things around! Just remember where your center poles are indicated, those can’t be moved!

    40'x40' Round Buffet Dance

    40'x60' Round Buffet Dance

    40'x80' Round Buffet Dance

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  • Will my tent be staked into the ground?

    Yes. Every tent will have stakes around its perimeter. These stakes will be driven 3ft into the ground around all sides. This will affect any underground water and gas lines. If you do not know exactly where these lines are, please fill out the Ground Location form and I will have them marked. There is no fee for this, and we are happy to do it.

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  • How big of a space will I need for the tent?

    You will need 5 extra feet for each side. So a 30x30 tent will need a 40x40 foot space, a 40x60 tent will need a 50x70 foot space, etc…

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  • Will we need to have the grounds marked for underground lines?

    Yes, you will need to have the tent area marked for all underground water, gas, electric lines, etc...

    This can done by simply dialing 811, or online at for Oklahoma, and for Texas.

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  • Can you set tents on concrete or asphalt?

    Yes. We can drill through concrete or asphalt to properly secure your tent for a small additional fee. This process will leave holes in your concrete. We will fill those holes with quikrete when we remove the tent.

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  • I see that there are very small ropes tied to the tops of all the tent poles, can I use these to tie up my sidewall, or to hold my decorations?

    Heavens no! Those small inconspicuous looking ropes are exceedingly important. They keep the pole attached to the tent. Without them, your tent will not stand up. Please, never never untie these or any ropes.

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  • Does weather stop you from setting up the tents?

    Rest assured, we are not afraid of a little rain. If there is significant lightening or wind we may pause the setup briefly, but will resume set up as soon as it is safe to do so.

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  • How far will you travel to set up tents?

    Our tent prices are a set price. The only variable is the delivery fee, which is based on mileage. So the answer is… we will travel as far as you pay us to! I have a chart on our “about us” page that shows our most common delivery areas, but we often travel as far away as Kansas, Arkansas, and once even St Louis!

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